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Don't Leave Me, Woman
Written January 1989
Appears on Out From Under The Covers

Cinderella sang about not knowing wachu got til its gone
but she knew she was in the shits before she left there
and Poison sings about the roses a'having the thorns
those little pricks wouldn't know a good thing if they had it

But the little pricks of the rose
are just to keep you on your toes
to keep you from throwing it all in the dirt
And you better know what you got
cause baby, if you do not,
leaving me is gonna do more than just hurt...

Don't leave me, woman - just stay here with me
Don't bleed me, woman - just let our love be
You don't see me, woman - a'walking away
You don't need me, woman - but you need to stay... yeah
Well the guys in Yes, they say that love will find a way
but its gonna have a hard time to find it in all this darkness
and the Stones say gimme shelter or they're gonna fade away
but the truth is they're rolling farther into blackness

But just like a rolling stone
when you give the dog a bone
it ain't gonna gather nothing but some spit
And for love to find a way
just say yes to yesterday
or else you're gonna find you are one lone-ly bitch...

(Chorus out)

©1989 James (Gary) Geniesse

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