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cover art

Title: Out From Under The Covers
Recorded: October/November 1989
Length: 90 minutes
Format: Left/Right Stereo
Copies: 10

Side A

  1. Behind The Man
  2. High School
  3. Hindsight Is 20-20
  4. It's A Release
  5. Tits
  6. Duff Song
  7. Every Time That I Look Away
  8. If I Ever Fall
  9. Lying Blues
  10. Keep On Hanging In There
  11. Friends
  12. Tequilla Shake
  13. Learning To Fry
  14. Egads
  15. Time Will Tell
  16. Keven's In Love
  17. The Whole World Runs On Empty
    (When You Lose Your Girl)

Side B

  1. Silence
  2. Spontaneity
  3. Mr. Hollow Shit
  4. Don't Leave Me Woman
  5. On A Night Like This
  6. Lord, Won't You Bring Me A Woman
  7. The House That Jack Built
  8. Arythmic Rap
  9. Whipped Cream Inside
  10. Nice
  11. Don't Turn Away
  12. Passing Time
  13. You See That Mountain?
  14. All Around Love
  15. Big Blue Blues
  16. I Went Driving
  17. My Shooting Star
  18. Closing Remarks
  19. Remembering You
  20. Extra Credits

This was my first tape of entirely original music. (Well, mostly original. Three of the songs were parodies of other songs and the brief intro to "The House That Jack Built" was completely ripped off from "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother".) It was recorded during my first six months working for IBM in Poughkeepsie, which was my first time out in the "real world". Most of the songs were written during that period, but a lot of them were recycled from The Daily Quote.

As for the title... just about every meaning you can think of probably applies. Of course, the intended meaning was just that this was my first tape that wasn't made up mostly of cover tunes. ;)

The cover art pictured is a rough approximation of the even rougher hand-drawn art I did on each cover. It's one of those designs that "just came to me" but looking back I can't imagine what the heck I was trying to imply meaning-wise.

The song "Keven's In Love" is interesting because it's about the guy who later helped me do the rest of my cover art (and his then girlfriend, later-to-be wife). Despite the low sound quality and lower singing quality, I seem to remember him playing this song at his wedding or at least talking about it. That song and "Tits" are the pretty much the only songs from this tape I play nowadays.

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