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Daybreak Today
Written July 1990
Appears on Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure
Available as an mp3

He went out on a summer's day
He really couldn't think of the right words to say
He was leaving today... leaving today.

And he knew that he couldn't stay
His job would take him far far away
And yet it didn't seem... like he would care.

He got up that morning just like it was any other day
He thought little more than of what he would wear
He packed his bags while his lady cried, nothing left to say
The teardrops stained what inside was already dead... in them.
It felt like a summer's day  (he ran away)
And he couldn't really think of a reason to stay
Or a reason for her... to come away.

And he didn't feel any pain  (it felt like rain)
It was left with the love safely locked away
And he didn't care... if he saw it again.

He drove off into the sunshine, his hand made a little wave
It didn't feel like this was really the end
His lady turned as he drove off, her tears reflecting her pain
But inside a sigh of relief escaped...

For today... a daybreak today.

©1990 James (Gary) Geniesse

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