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Title: Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure
Recorded: 1992
Length: 90 minutes
Format: 4-track recording
Copies: 15

Side A

  1. (mp3) Just The Way I Love You
  2. (mp3) Daybreak Today
  3. (mp3) Victim Of Your Alibis
  4. (mp3) Bury Me At Sea
  5. (mp3) The River Of Love
  6. (mp3) I Think Not
  7. (mp3) Under The Influence
  8. (mp3) Karen Can't Sing To Him
  9. (mp3) The Fall
  10. (mp3) Rainy Afternoon Pondering
  11. (mp3) You Can't Take It With You

Side B

  1. (mp3) A Murder Of Crows
  2. (mp3) Sad But True
  3. (mp3) Like An Aurora
  4. (mp3) I Want To Fall In Love With You
  5. (mp3) Seems The Same
  6. (mp3) Nothing Can Bring You Down (Until Tomorrow)
  7. (mp3) I Can't Remember A Time
  8. (mp3) Love Can Be Rough

The title for this tape is obviously a poke at the old hair coloring ads. (Unfortunately, I've found it necessary to explain my pop-culture references to some people...) It's also a nod to my friend Karen Brady, who cut my hair while I was growing up and encouraged me to stick with learning the guitar and writing songs. In fact, the song "Karen Can't Sing To Him" may or may not be about her, depending on who is asking.

Sound-bites from this tape did pop up in two unusual places. My friend Kaaren (that's not a typo) Moffat included the guitar introduction to "Like An Aurora" on her answering machine for a long time. Of course, it was probably because the song was written about her. Still, it was nice to hear that more than one person who called her raved about the music and wanted to know what group it was.

The other place a sound-bite popped up was on a computer. At the start of side B, I say "Singing lessons? I don't need singing lessons. I need psychiatric help." (mp3) My friend Jeff "The Riffer" Mercer supposedly sampled it and made that the start-up sound for his or his wife's computer.

The cover art image pictured wasn't created until May 1997 to be part of the second version of my website. It is based on an idea of Keven's to use different hairstyles on my baby picture. Unfortunately, we never got around to doing it when the tape was completed, so it never got done.

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