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I Can't Remember A Time
Written March 1991
Appears on Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure
Available as an mp3

I look into your eyes
It looks like paradise
No one has ever made me this happy.

I can't remember a time
When everything felt so right
The way it does when I'm with you, baby.

Because I can't remember a time
In my life when it all seemed so right
When I think back to what it was like
Without loving you

I'm sitting here holding your hand
Just trying to understand
What I ever did without you

You brighten up my days
And lead me through the haze
I surely would be lost without you

For you are the sweetest breeze
To ever blow throught these trees
Darling, you know I adore you

For being with you is bliss
Everything before this is meaningless
All that matters is that I'm with you


I never knew I could be this happy
The way that I am when I'm with you baby
I know you probably think I'm crazy
For feeling like I do
'Cause your the best thing that ever happened to me
To think of you shoots a feeling through me
And I know I never want to live
Without loving you

'Cause you are all of my life
You are my days and nights
I live to be able to look in your eyes

And think about it as I may
Never in all my days
Has anything ever felt this right

Without loving you
Without loving you
Without loving you
...ooh, I love you so.

©1991 James (Gary) Geniesse

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