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One Of My Turns

September 11, 1987
Sung to "One Of My Turns" by Pink Floyd

NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - oh my god!
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - is that really you?
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - are all those your quotes?
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - vax is deader than hell right now
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - uh, so I guess ill talk to you...
                                    what's up? huh?
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - yo!  thanks for the mail
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - wanna hear a laugh?
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - what you doing?
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - Hello???
NEWVAXER(LTA3762) - are you feeling ok?

day after day
my screen, it fades
like the memories of long lost friends
and night after night
i turn on my light
and switch on my modem
and log on to oak and
say I am checking my mail, nothing more
and I... feel
like I am always logged on

I... feel
cold from the weil a.c.
and no one is sending to me
as if they could care if I log on

Run to my dorm room
boot up my only disk
log on my favorite VAX...

don't be too frightened
if my signal sometimes fades
my modem isn't a hayes

would you like to go cb?
or talk like dogs in heat
or contemplate why we are vaxing??
would you like to go and eat?

would ya like to see me cry?
would ya?
would ya like to see me try?

would you like to call an op?
do you think it's time I stop?
why did you type EOJ?

©1987 James (Gary) Geniesse

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