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Nobody On

August 8, 1987
Sung to "Nobody Home" by Pink Floyd

I've got a little PC with a modem in it
I've got a line so I can log on from home
When I'm a bit bored, sometimes I just try to phone in.

I've got login commands out the ears in
I've got them cramped finger blues
I've got CB channels and send and phoning to choose from.

I've got an electric light
for when I log on late at night
I've got an amazing need for conversation.

And despite all that I know
when I finally get through
to vax just with you

There'll be nobody on.
I've got the obligatory Prologue.Com
and the annoying old dive bomb
to send down on someone I know is really being a jerk.

I type witty refrains on my keyboard
to anyone with a brain
I've got a gladiator I doubt could ever be slain.

I've got blurring visine eyes
and I've got a need to reply
but I've got no one to send to
   (send to   send to   send to   send to...)

Ooooo babe,
when I log on from home

There's still nobody on.

I could say something lewd
but I just might get sued.

©1987 James (Gary) Geniesse

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