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The Quote Writer

July 4, 1989

Once a month, the quote writer sat
his quote writing fingers going pitter pat
and his quote writing mind sprouting quoting ideas
but all he could think of to write was just "see-ya's."

You see his quote writing ventures were slowed to a grind
for work on his thesis had fallen behind
and after that finished, the quote writing would stop
for the quote writer would to another town hop.

But the quote writer hopes this isn't the last you'll hear
of his wit and his rhymes and his quote writing cheer
for maybe one day you'll on an album jacket find
his name mispelled and a quote of some kind.

But until that day and even thereafter
the quote writer wishes you peace and much laughter
for although his quote writing comes to an end
he considers every quote reader a friend.

©1989 James (Gary) Geniesse

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