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The Newberry Cave Silly's Theme

June 25, 1988
Sung to extended version of "The Beverly Hillbilly's Theme"

Well let me tell you a story about a man named Greg
for him to have a party, he don't need to tap a keg
he sends mail to all of vax and everyone who's brave
piles into cars and rides out to the cave
hole that is
back roads
truck country

When they first get out there, the Mazda his the water
and it barely gets back up with a cough and a sputter
then the '68 Camaro makes it up to puddle three
when it conks out in the mud with a dying battery
charge that is
wet distributer
no jumpers

So they ventured to the trailer of a religious old man
and called AAA to come out and lend a hand
after 'bout an hour the guy finally does arrive
and he charges $30 to say "wipe the thing dry"
with a towel that is
drives away
With those two cars safe, they get into the cave
and then Josh and Jeanne with Ang decide to leave
so they drive through the puddles, drenching people on the hood
who came along to move the cars out from where they stood
in the way that is
Ang drives around
wasted trip

Finally all in the cave with the fire and the bats
we all sit around and joke and relax
and if there's one thing we learned, at least Mike and me
is that our cars weren't built for this back country
roads that is
deep dark puddles
no jumpers

©1988 James (Gary) Geniesse

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