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The Revenge Of The VAX Children

March 19, 1987

They have always been here
and always will be
the ditzy vax users
that drive us crazy
with the questions they ask
and the things that they do
I wonder if their brains
could be short on CPU.

Take the sunburned dude
who tries to us hold
and wonders if his password
is changed by the code;
And at "Verification"
he hits some returns
and wonders why the program
so abruptly adjourns.
Or how about the girls
who get through school smiling
whose programs aren't running
much less compiling
because they hit control-Y
to exit from edit
and wonder why BASPRINT
just can not get it.

And yet to them all
we offer help with a smile
(despite the fact that
it often seems futile)
not because we are good
or (gasp!) even kind
but because we just can't stand
to hear them all whine!

©1987 James (Gary) Geniesse

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