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Hare Reason

March 8, 1988

"There's a reason for everything," said the hare,
with his spectacles perched on his nose,
as he spoke to a company of large male deer,
all of whom had lost their does.

"The sun goes around as it chases the moon,
which winks and then hides from her rays.
The warmth of her gaze seeks the moon as it plays -
giving reason to each of our days."

"And the water so fresh to our taste and refresh
is the reason more fish aren't in view,
for if you could learn how to fly through the water
I think that you'd like to stay, too."

But the deer were confused and the eldest one spoke,
"That doesn't explain why they've gone.
They left without warning just before morning
and took with them every last fawn."
"And that is the reason I'm here," said the hare,
grinning at the cycle he'd weaved,
"There's a reason for everything, as I have said,
but the reasons aren't always perceived."

"But what should we do if the reasons aren't known?"
the youngest deer quickly replied.
And the hare, he spoke, "that is why we need hope
and a bit of good luck on the side."

And no sooner he spoke then along came a doe,
the smallest of the ones that had flown.
She was tired and scared, so they didn't ask where,
the deer simply welcomed her home.

"Your future looks well in hand, my friends,"
said the hare as he turned to go,
"there is little that one can not acheive
with some bucks and a little doe."

©1988 James (Gary) Geniesse

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