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We Didn't Start The Vaxing

February 2, 1990
Sung to "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel

Warlock, ZBox,
Spearthrust, a girl named Burt,
Dwatney Farthinghale the Third,
Viviane, Orear,
Kajira, Perignon.

ZBeeble, Turlough,
Something called the Daily Quote,
Softball, Weil Hall,
Elizabeth in charge.
Blondie, Gopher, Skyman,
Kitty, Yes, and Prothan,
Micronaut, Coldrot,
Silly Christmas Cards.

   We didn't start the vaxing,
      but we keep on sending
      is it never ending?
   We didn't start the vaxing,
      and perhaps it's sickening
      'cause it's so addicting.

Billy Bill's BBQ,
Trouble wearing perfume,
Monty, Eris,
Nyx's article.
Waiting in a fifty queue,
Seeing Mr. BooBoo,
Lennon, Evals,
Quota always full.

Chocolate from Vietnam,
MCR to log you on,
Tubing, Omar's log,
Blue-vested idiot.
Know I tried to send you mail,
but your quota extend failed,
Omnedon, Shadow,
Edward is a snot.


Moving into CSE,
All the nodes are named for trees,
Catman, Louis Wu,
Cheryl and Messiah, too.
Asmodeus, CB,
Bruyante, Cave Party,
Avalon, I wrote a song,
Gorilla Rap for you.
SuperLogin, Prologue.Com,
Gladiator, Dive Bomb,
Vladimir, Norbert,
Wiz and bridge parties.
Teddybear, Wumpwoman,
Shadowcat, Pendragon,
Sandman, Myloe,
Both a different breed.


Sexyblond, Shiva,
Titian and Columbia,
Katmandu, IMLost2,
Jerbear and Pegasus.
Breakfast Club, Fuzface,
GreatG's surveys,
Mindgame's sex, Anubis,
Monty's BBS.

Alligator Article,
Have you read my profile,
Riffer, Chipster,
Beanie and Thrud.
Ineedof, CaptKirk, and Arch
Signal changing of the guard,
Shelbeast, RAW copies,
Togas and the Death Punch.


Buffie Party, Vaxing Guide,
Going Caving, Need a Ride,
Zelig, Nobody,
and Nobody's mom.
Relay, Purity Test,
Kashmir, Ginge, and Joyous,
Slave market, Aurora watchers,
a BBS called ARMS.

Zeppelin, VAX Bowling,
Go to Skeeter's, Watch Tim sing,
Cesoir, Pool League,
Weil Computer Robbery.
Smoking in the Weil Room,
Dudeman draws a cartoon,
Whippets become all the rage,
Monty's party has a raid!

   We didn't start the vaxing,
   but we keep on sending
   is it never ending?
   We didn't start the vaxing,
      but if we log on
      will we still stay on and on and on and on...

This is a somewhat rushed attempt at this parody -
Please excuse the mangled meter and please please forgive the omissions.
And thanks for many wonderful years...

©1990 James (Gary) Geniesse

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