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Excerpts From "Songs From The Wood" -
My Most Recent Diary

January 24, 1988

She picks the STUPIDEST times to be affectionate.
What the hell am I gonna do tomorrow?
No ties, many lies, softly cries, slowly dies.
   (I don't like the ending either.)
...really good friends.
So I lie...
(sarcastic quick smile w/ big big toothy grin)
SHE rested her head on MY foot!!!
overall : chariot - conquest, advantage for the seeker will result if
   he resists his lower promptings and animal passions.
perhaps sleep would be wise
(as he tugs on his tit hair and wonders)
Geez, its so late, you'd think something happened.
(oh stop writing, gary)
she's clingy, demanding, pouty, and just general not good news to
   start a relationship with.
welll... that certainly sucks raw, doesn't it?
I think I'll just have to work hard at showing thats what
   (I guess) I want.
I guess I'll do a tarot... I NEED a future.
What the hell am I doing?

©1988 James (Gary) Geniesse

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