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Friend Of Mine
Quote written September 1987
Song witten January 1990
Appears on Solo

Well, it ain't no fun
Being under the gun
And your heart's being pulled from both sides
I never meant to start a tug of war
I know that you deserved much more
So now it's my time to get off this ride
And hide, give it time, friend of mine.

This is not a goodbye
No death lullaby
I'm just trying to ease all our pain
You were speaking to me as a friend
I took your words to a different end
So now it's my time to set it right again
I'll be fine, draw the line, friend of mine.
Time was when I wanted you to be all my own
Time is something I should not have let go

So I'll loosen my grip
And get off of this ship
That only seems to be drowning your life
You lended me a helping hand
And I pulled you down as I made my stand
So now it's my time to put things to right
On your side, never by, friend of mine.
I know why you never cry, friend of mine.

©1987,1990 James (Gary) Geniesse

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