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Written March 1989
Appears on Out From Under The Covers

When I came home this evening, well past seven o'clock
another hard day at the office - overtime for the boss.
Well, you looked at me and smiled, made me dinner as I dropped.
You kissed my cheek and made it right
   even though I was dead as a rock.

But darling, you know, that I love you every day.
I couldn't make it by without your love.
And although I don't have time to show it, I still make time to say
that I love your every way...

Because it's nice... knowing you're there
knowing you're pulling for me
knowing how deeply you care.
It's nice... seeing you right there
with your loving smile
and your long brown hair.
Now although I'm always tired from my long days at work
it still always amazes me how you love me like you do
and when we go to bed at night, I kiss you on the cheek
and say "I love you"... and know that you love me too.

And I fall asleep knowing you are right there by my side
and I wake up the next morning the same way
because I know you love me baby with a love that's here to stay
and you know... I wanna say...

(Chorus out)

©1989 James (Gary) Geniesse

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