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A Murder of Crows
Written March 1991
Appears on Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure
Available as an mp3

A hundred days couldn't wash away the haze
  that stood between him and Sue
Another night didn't seem all that right
  but what was he supposed to do.

He came inside to those same killer's eyes
  that hurt him a hundred times before
It was half the night before he realized his plight
  and he never made it out the door.

And he felt like he never left her sight
And this probably won't be the last night
But maybe that's just how it goes
When the night goes down like a murder of crows.

He'd hung around that same small town
  for more years than he cares to say
And though they broke what they once called their hope,
  he still couldn't seem to get away
The nights alone, they wore upon his bones
  the sunset seemed a nightmare.
So now and then when she says she needed a friend
  I knew I could always find him there.

And he didn't even put up a fight
'Cause she helped him make it through the night alright
When good intentions turn to foes
The night goes down like a murder of crows.

It always seemed so special
What they could share in the night
But now it's just a gift that neither one wants
I guess in the dark, some of us don't see the light.

And he'll always say when wanders out next day
  that that night will surely be the last It went nowhere before and it's going there once more
  and it's going there so damn fast
And so he lies under the changing skies
  as the dread of night comes back in
He can't resist the promise of her kiss
  and it happens all over again.

'Cause when the sun turns its back on the night
And the madness of the moon shines its light
  (it's so bright)
Well, who knows what seeds the darkness sows
When the night goes down like a murder of crows.

©1991 James (Gary) Geniesse

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