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The Gorilla Rap
Written July 1987
Appears on Live For Your Self

Well looky looky looky, what have we here?
We got the VAX Attacker and the BBS queer,
They got well trained fingers from VAX and BBS's
and they think that girls like'em all over their dresses.
But listen up, here's the low down fellas -
the ladies don't like to be pawed by gorillas.
They'd also prefer not being drolled all over
but it's hard to avoid when looking down from their shoulder.
Now I told myself I would not name names,
but here's a message for you Davbag and Avalame -
they ain't pieces of meat for you to devour
so keep off the ass and don't pick the flowers.

©1987 James (Gary) Geniesse

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