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Title: Death And Re:Bertha
Recorded: January/February 1995
Length: 60 minutes
Format: 4-track recording
Copies: 35

Side A

  1. (mp3) Another Year
  2. (mp3) Twist
  3. (mp3) Urge
  4. (mp3) George
  5. (mp3) The Words She Doesn't Want To Hear
  6. (mp3) I Am Just Too Beautiful
  7. (mp3) My Roommate's Girl
  8. (mp3) Sometimes, I Wish...

Side B

  1. (mp3) Savannah
  2. (mp3) Hindsight (The Beauty Of It All)
  3. (mp3) Heaven's A Little Brighter
  4. (mp3) I Want To Kill Your Cat
  5. (mp3) Fall In Love Anyway
  6. (mp3) Hold On Tighter
  7. (mp3) Pocketful Of Songs

The title for this tape was selected after I realized that many of the songs (at least seven of them) were dealing with death in some way. At this point in my life, I hadn't actually had to deal with death much. In fact, only "Heaven's A Little Brighter" was about someone I actually knew. But, it was still a topic I guess I had to deal with.

To lighten up the subject, I included the name of a co-worker in the title (Re:Bertha). There aren't actually any songs about Bertha on the tape. It's not that I didn't try. The one attempt to remedy her absence ended up somewhere in leftfield and eventually became "Urge".

This tape also marked the second successful collaboration between Keven McCuller and myself in creating a visually appealing cover under the Spooge Brothers Records name.

The majority of the songs are vocals, guitar, bass, and computer-sequenced drums. I'd like to think my songwriting and singing got better since the last tape, but listeners should at least notice that the drum programming is more interesting.

Another interesting tidbit about this tape is that it contains the first songs of mine ever to be played on radio. My friend Shelly was a DJ at a local alternative radio station at the time and she managed to put "I Want To Kill Your Cat" and "My Roommate's Girl" on the air during some of her shifts. I didn't get to hear it... I'm not sure anyone did since it was an AM station. But still, I consider it a major milestone.

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