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Title: Solo
Recorded: 1990
Length: 90 minutes
Format: Left/Right Stereo
Copies: 15

Side A

  1. We'll Always Belong Together
  2. Solo
  3. Friend Of Mine
  4. Don't Make It Right
  5. Give Me Some Guitar
  6. Boogie 'N' Blues
  7. Of Me And You
  8. I Want A Woman Who's Naughty
  9. Felinicity
  10. She's Not What She Seems
  11. Something, When We're Together
  12. 8.0
  13. There Was A Time
  14. People Change

Side B

  1. When I Look Out Of My Window
  2. Did You See?
  3. You Can't Even Admit You Were Wrong
  4. Reality
  5. Empty Words
  6. I Still Want To Sing To You
  7. A Changing Of Seasons
  8. Dirty Undies
  9. Only The Married Ones Look Back
  10. I'm Alone
  11. Just Two Shy Of One
  12. Other Voices
  13. Wait Until Dark
  14. Other Silly Voices
  15. Gary Berries
  16. Poughkeepsie Stillwaters
  17. Solo (reprise)

This was the second of the Poughkeepsie tapes. Most of the copies had a really cool cover that Keven McCuller and I designed under the name Spooge Brothers Records. (More on the cover art below.)

This tape contains the first song of mine to actually be covered by another person (as far as I know). "A Changing Of Seasons" was adopted and completely changed over by a group my friend Jack Rusher started. I don't know to what extent they used it, but it really was a neat take at it. (The group eventually mutated into the legend that was Planet Ten and the song was dropped.)

It also includes my first keyboard piece, "Don't Make It Right". Come to think of it, that's probably my only keyboard piece. I thought I did ok, but Jack thought it was incredibly cheesy. Maybe it was the over-the-top lyrics bemoaning the plight of a poor prostitute...

Despite the serious and somewhat depressed (well, lonely) tone of most of the lyrics, you could tell I was having fun doing it. One of my favorite moments comes near the end of SideB. After the somewhat serious "Other Voices" and the overly serious "Wait Until Dark", I do a spoof of the "this is your brain on drugs" ad and a very ridiculous parody of "Other Voices" called "Other Silly Voices". Somehow, I don't think the later will ever be played on radio. (At least I certainly hope it never gets played on radio.)

I really like the way the cover art came out. I've got a big blown up version of the front cover framed on my wall and it really looks nice. Unfortunately... it's not me in the picture. In case you haven't figured it out yet, it's actually a heavily mangled copy of U2's "Rattle And Hum" cover art. Most people don't even notice that the spotlight is also a bride walking away from the scene. I mention this because if you look real closely, you'll see that she's carrying what looks like a bouquet of roses. Actually, this is many copies of Bono's nose from the original picture (a bouquet of noses?). All the same, to give you an idea how good the overall picture came out, my own mother still can't believe that's not me playing guitar in the picture.

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