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Title: Live For Your Self
Recorded: 1988
Length: 60 minutes
Format: Left/Right Stereo
Copies: 1

Side A

  1. Guitar Man
  2. Getting In Tune
  3. Confessions At Night
  4. McBurger Bob's of Palatka
  5. Kids Are Alright
  6. Lord of your Thighs
  7. Gorilla Rap
  8. "19"
  9. Childhood's End
  10. Who Do You Love?
  11. Wanted Dead
  12. 4+20
  13. Subway
  14. Your Time Is Gonna Come
  15. I Feel Fine
  16. Rock n Roll Suicide

Side B

  1. Lakebird
  2. The Songs I Sing
  3. Ramble On
  4. Long Time Gone
  5. Fission
  6. Here, There, And Everywhere
  7. Superior Woman
  8. Rain
  9. Delayed Reaction
  10. Almost Cut My Hair
  11. On The Border
  12. Scarborough Fair
  13. Mother
  14. Another Brick In The Wall, Part I

This was the second tape of solo material I did in college. It's really awful, but it has its moments. Two thirds of the material is covers taken nearly verbatim from the songbooks I had at the time (notice the number of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Who, Led Zeppelin, and CSNY tracks). Half of the originals were also instrumental rip-offs of stuff I had heard at some point.

Still, I like my takes on "19", "I Feel Fine", "Rock n Roll Suicide", and "Mother". The originals "Lakebird" and "The Songs I Sing" aren't bad, either.

The title is one of my typical multiple meaning twists. This tape was no more "live" than any of the other ones. The tape also had a cool cover I created using Print Shop on my Apple IIe at the time.

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