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Top Ten Favorite Concerts
AC/DC For Those About To Rock 1/28/82
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith 7/3/84
Metallica Damaged Justice 2/17/89
Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood 7/1/90
Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason 11/30/87
The Rolling Stones Dirty Work 11/27/94
Billy Squier Signs of Life 10/28/84
Stone Temple Pilots Shangri La-Di-Da 4/25/02
Toadies Stars Above / Hell Below 5/27/01
Roger Waters In The Flesh 6/2/00

Every Concert I Remember Seeing
AC/DC For Those About To Rock 1/28/82 Twenty-one cannons over the stage.
AC/DC Blow Up Your Video 8/13/88 Now only two cannons and one didn't work.
Adam Ant The Blueblack Hussar Tour 9/29/12 Didn't always fight for the audience, but rocked all the same.
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 4/19/88 "Dream On" on harpsichord.
Aerosmith Pump 6/19/90
Allman Brothers Band 10/26/91 Costume contest with 3+ couples as Gregg Allman/Cher.
Laurie Anderson Happiness 10/26/02 Listening to World Trade Center trucks.
Laurie Anderson The End of the Moon 10/16/04 Her dog realizing there are attacks from above.
Anthrax 1/30/02 "Caught In A Mosh" live!
Anthrax Rockstar Mayhem Festival 7/13/12 Second stage, stopping "Indians" to goad people into war dance.
As I Lay Dying Rockstar Mayhem Festival 7/13/12 Tween with pink backpack at stage side watching death metal.
Bad Company 8/22/90 Making fun of Ted Nugent's opening greeting.
Beastie Boys Check Your Head 11/10/92 I didn't get the new sound at the time.
The Black Crowes 6/19/90 Cover of Lennon's "Jealous Guy" before "Jealous Again".
Blackfoot 12/30/81
Black Label Society Ozzfest 2004 09/02/04 Gee, it's nice Ozzy still lets Zack play at Ozzfest.
Black Sabbath Ozzfest 2004 09/02/04 Ozzy truely is a madman.
Blue Man Group Live at the Luxor 10/18/01 Very cool ending covering audience with paper.
Blue Man Group Complex Rock Tour 8/22/03 I Feel Love and Baba O'Reilly rocking.
Blue Oyster Cult 9/7/86 Sprayed with beer during cover of "Roadhouse Blues".
Blue Oyster Cult 9/14/90 As James Hetfield said, guys who just love playing.
Blue Oyster Cult 8/21/10 An odd mix of mostly non-hits from first few albums.
Blue Oyster Cult 4/14/12 Richie Castellano continues to blossom in the group.
Bonham 2/6/90
The Bravery 11/03/05 Ok 80's revival but no crowd connection.
Brian Jonestown Massacre 1/10/04 Lilting Manchester stuff.
The Buzzcocks 91-94? Went in liking one song, left liking one song.
Jimmie Buffet 8/13/93 Lame outdoor concert with people too drunk to care.
The Cars Hello Again 11/22/87 Springy creatures popping down during "Hello Again".
Cheap Trick Lap of Luxury 10/26/88
Cheap Trick 91-94?
Cher 77-81? Show opened with female impersonator of Cher.
Cher Farewell Tour 9/20/04 Lots of interludes for costume changes, but still fun.
Robert DeLong In The Cards 5/22/16 Personally greeted every single person after show!
Colours 2/22/16 Decent duo from Sarasota opening for Robert Delong!
Robert Cray Strong Persuader 3/25/88 At the Reitz Union ballroom.
Crosby, Stills & Nash 9/14/89 A comedian was the opening act. Bad sign.
The Cult 7/14/89 Ian Astbury goading disinterested audience to mosh.
The Cult 2/6/90
The Cure Wild Mood Swings 9/5/96 I literally fell asleep during this concert.
Damn Yankees 8/22/90 Ted Nugent rocks! Jack Blades doesn't!
Dangerous Toys 2/6/90
Robert DeLong In The Cards 5/22/16 Personally greeted every single person after show!
Depeche Mode Devotional Tour 9/28/93 Towering wall with three keyboards on top.
Depeche Mode Exciter 7/8/01 David Gahan has too much energy.
Depeche Mode Touring The Angel
(Opening Night)
11/3/05 Somebody PLEASE fix that blinking panel!
Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe 9/4/09 Really great show, as usual.
Bruce Dickenson 7/20/90
Dimmu Borgir Ozzfest 2004 09/02/04 Like an undead Spinal Tap, but not intentionally funny.
Thomas Dolby Time Capsule Tour 3/18/12 Excellent set spanning his entire career.
Durt Road 2/4/05 Decent songs plagued by bad lip-syncing performance.
Elastica 96? Rocked songs from first CD almost entirely in sequence.
Erasure Tomorrow's World Tour 09/02/11 A nice show. Andy Bell is still in fine voice.
Fishbone 87-88? They rocked.
Fishbone 11/03/11 Too high or drunk or something. Wow, not tight at all.
Florida Boys 2/4/05 The best Snoop could come up with for an opener?
Foghat Long Road Home 8/21/10 Still sound like classic Foghat... for better or worse.
Frankmusic 9/02/11 Like American Idol with bad lip-syncing keyboardist and pointless drummer.
Michael Franti and Spearhead The Sound of Sunshine 5/15/10 The set was heavy on recent material but still sweaty good fun.
Glen Frey / Joe Walsh 5/30/93 Glen Frey needs the Eagles to not suck.
Guided By Voices 1/10/04 Attitude that only 10+ years in pubs & clubs can give you.
Herbie Hancock Future Shock 10/??/84 Playing Gator Growl with the Rockit robots on stage.
Helmet 10/18/11 Rocked the house and had a sense of humor.
Helmet 7/27/12 Excellent set! Absolutely tore up the House of Blues.
Helmet The Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop-D 8/5/14 Not as good as previous, but still rocked the house.
Allan Holdsworth 8/23/88 The concert shirt was really cool.
Home Town Heroes 4/25/02
Hunter / Ronson Band 85-89? Seeing Mick Ronson scam on a college girl backstage.
Jefferson Starship Modern Times 11/20/81 "Stairway to Cleveland" live with "mimph" lyrics.
Jefferson Starship Winds of Change 84?
Jethro Tull Rock Island 11/26/89 Unfortunately, well past their prime.
Joan Jett 4/19/2015 Opening for The Who right after HER Hall of Fame induction!
Billy Joel 95-99? More energetic than expected, but past his prime.
Tom Jones 04/23/11 Seeing 50+ year-old women climbing over seats to get to him.
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith 7/3/84 Flame-breathing, stage-sized defender set!
Judas Priest Ram It Down 9/16/88 Being shocked at "Shove it up" concert shirt.
Judas Priest Painkiller 1/14/91
Judas Priest Demolition 1/30/02 The new singer has no between-song stage presence.
Judas Priest Ozzfest 2004 09/02/04 Reunited with Halford and excellent once again!
Kings of the Sun Full Frontal Attack 7/20/90 Spinal Tap moment with guitar stand.
The Kinks Give The People... 10/11/81
The Robby Krieger Band 11/10/02 Lots and lots of Doors covers.
Greg Lake Songs of a Lifetime 4/29/12 Great voice, great stories, over-the-top lights.
Maroon 5 Songs About Jane 6/17/03 Arrived late, but saw them do NIN's Closer as an encore.
Little Jack Melody World of Fireworks 96-97? Some idiot comparing them to Mr. Bungle after show.
Local H The Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop-D 8/5/14 Excellent energy. Repetitive, minimalistic lyrics.
Edwin McCain 3/28/96 Really impressed with fretless bass work.
Megadeth 1/14/91
Metallica Damaged Justice 2/17/89 Cover of "Sweet Home Alabama" before "Green Hell".
Metallica Damaged Justice 7/14/89 The self-destructing set was still incredible.
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 11/10/02 Fun despite horrible vocal mix.
Ronnie Montrose 8/23/88
The Moody Blues 85-89? Only the keyboardist could handle backing tape failing.
Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood 7/1/90 Backing singers with huge fake breasts.
Motorhead Rockstar Mayhem Festival 7/13/12 As I've said before, came liking one song, left liking one song.
Jason Mraz 6/17/03 Eh, I was there for Maroon 5.
Peter Murphy The Lion Tour 8/3/14 Really excellent, especially the new material.
Nazareth 2XS 9/10/82 Completely wore out the skull concert shirt.
Nazareth 10/3/87 Rock bagpipes live at Dubs!
Nine Inch Nails Fragility Tour 5/18/00 Already past prime, show way too polished.
One Eskimo 5/15/10 Really cool percussionist and decent singer.
Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead 1/14/05 Interesting alternation of Radiohead and Shostakovich.
The Outlaws 12/30/81 Five guitars is never enough on stage.
The Outlaws 4/14/12 30 years later, still awesome Southern rock.
Pantera 91-94? They completely rocked the house down.
Perfect Circle 5/18/00 The guy from Tool singing with a water bottle.
The Pet Shop Boys Fundamental Tour 10/18/06 Very cool interaction with morphing backdrop.
Peter Bjorn and John 9/4/09 Nice set, but rather overwhelmed by the size of the DM stage.
Tom Petty Full Moon Fever 7/6/89 My date not knowing who Roger McGuinn was.
Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason 11/30/87 An intimate stadium show.
Primus Sailing The Seas of Cheese 3/7/92 Covering "Kashmir" on an upright bass.
Puddle of Mudd Come Clean 4/25/02 Lead singer with a cold blowing nose onto stage.
Radiohead King of Limbs 2/29/12 Almost all new material that really brought Thom alive.
The Ramones 85-89? I didn't get it at the time.
The Reverend Horton Heat 9/20/06 Slow middle surrounded by rocking start and end.
The Reverend Horton Heat 10/19/11 Interesting "one song from every album" start.
Rollins Band 11/10/92 I didn't get it at the time.
The Rolling Stones Dirty Work 11/27/94 Gainesville's running man being invited onstage.
Rush Signals 3/21/83 Video of SCTV guy introducing "The Weapon".
Rush Roll The Bones 3/7/92 Too many tracks playing for three guys to be playing live.
Saga Worlds Apart 82-84? The briefcase containing MIDI drums was very cool.
Screaming Blue Messiahs 85-89? "Yabba Dabba Do Time" live (woo.)
Tommy Shaw What If? 85-89? Shaking Tommy's hand after the show.
Slayer Ozzfest 2004 09/02/04 Some drunk yelling "God hates us all!" for an hour.
Slayer Rockstar Mayhem Festival 7/13/12 Amazing set. Sheer energy. Definitely won me over.
Slipknot Rockstar Mayhem Festival 7/13/12 Really strong set. Would have enjoyed more if I knew the songs.
Smithereens 11/20/91
Snoop Dogg 2/4/05 Rap loses something when you can't make out the words.
Spin Doctors 11/27/94 In no way should have opened for the Stones.
Bruce Springsteen The Rising 11/24/02 Bruce pogoing to "Dancing In The Dark".
Billy Squier Emotions in Motion 1/30/83
Billy Squier Signs of Life 10/28/84 Billy pointing at me mimicing him dancing.
Rod Stewart 10/2/93 Another "well past his prime" show.
Rod Stewart An Evening With Rod Stewart 7/3/04 Surprisingly good w/ big band segment.
Stephen Stills Florida Frontier "Lecture" 10/22/03 Sang some classic songs instead of lecturing.
Sting Brand New Day 1/26/01 Reaffirmed my impression he had no stage presence.
Stone Temple Pilots Shangri La-Di-Da 4/25/02 Scott Weiland rocks, but can't maintain eye contact.
Styx Mr. Roboto 9/2/83 Tommy Shaw and JY rocked despite this schlock.
Styx 3/10/12 Wow, they really did find someone who could sing like Dennis.
Superjoint Ritual Ozzfest 2004 09/02/04 Hey! It's the guy from Pantera without good songs!
The Supersuckers 10/19/11 Decent band, too bad the guitarists looked bored.
The The Dusk 9/28/93
They Might Be Giants 10/6/96 As part of Music Harvest, out of element and past prime.
George Thorogood 3/17/85 Rocking another encore after the house lights came up.
Toadies Stars Above / Hell Below 5/27/01 Opening with "Plane Crash" and rocking non-stop.
Toadies 7/27/12 Rocking the adoring crowd like an old schoolmaster.
Robin Trower 89-90?
U2 Elevation (Opening Night) 3/24/01 I was really sorry I missed the ZooTV/PopMart tours.
Ume 7/27/12 Very energetic set! Got signed copies of both CD's afterwards.
Van Halen Fair Warning 8/19/81 My first rock concert! Mistook opening band for real show.
Venus Hum 8/22/03 A cross between Lisa Loeb and early solo Bjork.
Violent Femmes 91-94?
Joe Walsh 89-91? I.L.B.T.'s live! Plus "slide" solo on "Life's Been Good".
Roger Waters Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking 4/4/85 Pros and Cons half of show was dull.
Roger Waters In The Flesh (Opening Night) 6/2/00 Incredible live presence. Plus, "Dogs" playing poker.
Roger Waters The Wall: Live 11/16/10 First half was excellent, second half dragged.
The Who The Who Hits 50 4/19/2015 Roger and Pete are amazing and Zak Starkey rocks!
Wrathchild America 3-D 91-94?
Yes Big Generator 1/22/88 Puking all over Sears restroom en route.

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